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City of Light

Health & Ministry Center

Welcome to our new home! Strategically placed at the foot of the medical corridor, this center brings the freedom for healthcare professionals, students, and volunteers to form community, pray, educate students, and collaborate with the local church and other ministries.

Bringing The Hope & Healing of Christ to WNY and The World

On November 12th, 2022, the City of Light Health & Ministry Center was dedicated to the service of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Over 40 partners, council members, friends, family, and pastors came together to pray and declare Jeremiah 29:7,

"Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have sent you…Pray to the Lord for it because if it prospers, you too will prosper."

For over 65 years, CMDA of WNY has faithfully supported the Christian community of healthcare professionals by working with students, providing care to those who are suffering from spiritual isolation, and more.

However, a permanent locationwhere Christian students and professionals can be trained and encouraged to express their faith while caring for othershas not yet existed, until now.

The City of Light Health & Ministry Center is located just .2 miles from Jacobs School of Medicine and the Medical CorridorWith Christian healthcare professionals being on the frontlines of caring for people in need (body, mind, and soul), we believe it was essential to establish a strategic location near the medical corridor, where they can assemble, collaborate, obtain training, receive inspiration, and more.

We Are Committed to Bringing The Hope & Healing of Christ Through


(Encountering Christ)

Bible Studies
A place of refreshing


(Equipping People)

Equipping & Educating students on living their faith through their profession
Networking with Church/Universities
Monthly invitations for all medical and administrative healthcare professionals
Weekly coaching opportunities
Monthly peer support & education


(Advancing the Gospel)

Expanding the Kingdom of God through Christian healthcare
Serving & interacting with the local church
Governmental influence
Coordinating local and global missions

The Launch of Our Center Has Enabled Us To Serve Missionaries & Students, Host Prayer Gatherings & Community Events, and More

3 Key Areas of Influence & Impactful Benefits The Center Will Have In Western NY

The Gospel will be spread through local and global mission fields.
Principled healthcare professionals will increase, providing excellent care that addresses the whole person (body, mind, and soul).
Public Policy will be shaped with medically sound and Biblically grounded guidance on healthcare issues.


1100 Main St., Suite 105
Buffalo, NY 14209


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Healthcare Missions

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