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Coaching is a confidential service that can help you. Learn more or schedule your consultation by clicking the button below.

Do You Want a more Fulfilling & meaninful life?

Coaching is a Confidential Service that can help you!

Are you so busy at work or school that you struggle to spend time with your family?
Do you have important decisions to make, there's too much on your plate, and there doesn't seem to be any hope or end in sight?
Are you facing life-changing decisions and not sure which way is best?

Christian healthcare professionals are facing increasing pressures within a rapidly changing healthcare environment. Others feel a strong sense of isolation without anywhere to turn for support or encouragement. But we are here to help!


What is the Difference Between Coaching and Other Helping Professions?

When many people hear the word “coach,” they immediately think of a football or tennis coach. In those “coach” settings, the coach corrects a faulty swing or pattern of activity, setting goals for the athlete to strive to reach. But in a professional coaching relationship, the focus is on the values, strengths, knowledge and experience of the one being coached, with the coach acting as a catalyst to aid in the exploration and deployment of those intrinsic attributes.

Unlike traditional therapy or counseling, coaches don’t focus on childhood or past experiences that might be at the root of why people live or act the way they do. Rather, coaches help healthcare professionals focus on the future, changes they wish to make, goals they would like to accomplish and the specific and measurable ways they will achieve those results.

Coaching is also very different from consulting, in that consultants are paid to diagnose needs and recommend solutions based on their own specialized expertise or knowledge in a particular field. Coaches, on the other hand, use powerful questions to promote discovery and generate solutions arrived at by the individual being coached.

Coaches do not seek to identify or diagnose any psychological or mental health disorders. There is no formulation of any treatment plans. Should a psychological problem come to light that might benefit from counseling rather than coaching, the client is promptly informed and referred to the appropriate helping professional.

Am I Ready for a Coach?

If you have unreached goals and aspirations and have felt somewhat constrained or unsuccessful in your pursuit of these goals or aspirations, coaching may be for you. If you are at a significant decision point in life, coaching may be for you. If you desire to do some personal strategic planning or life evaluation, coaching may be for you.

If you wish to construct a plan for the future you desire, coaching may be for you. If you wish to optimize your opportunities for success in that pursuit, coaching may be for you. If you wish to center your life around the things that matter most to you, coaching may be for you. If you have lost your joy or are experiencing burnout, coaching may be for you.

If you are willing to share honestly and openly with a trusted coach and trust another person to partner with you in moving forward in life, coaching may be for you. If you are humble and willing to listen and consider changes, even seemingly radical or transformative changes, then coaching is for you. If you are psychologically ready for the coaching process, coaching can be for you.

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