Dr. Donald Brautigam

Dr. Donald Brautigam, Lifetime Award

Donald Brautigam, M.D. established Westfield Family Physicians, (WFP), in 1979. Prior to that, he was a Major in the U.S. Army. He completed a three-year Family Practice residency at Fort Benning. From the mid 1980’s until 2004 Dr. Brautigam served as the only MD in Chautauqua County who would see children under Child Protective Services, (CPS). During that time he saw hundreds of sexually abused children for CPS. He presented to Healthcare professionals the horrific abuse happening to our children while training and teaching them to make a difference. 

As a volunteer, he served on the Board of Professional Medical Conduct. He was a clinical faculty member at St. Vincent Hospital in Erie, PA. WFP has been given awards for clinical teaching faculty at St. Vincent (years ago), and the Heart of Hospice award for caring for Hospice patients.

On the research side, Great Lakes Medical Research has participated in about 150 studies, including NIH studies. We were in ACCORD and SPRINT, two landmark studies. westfieldfamilyphysicians.com

The Brautigmas have been to Kenya five times working in various settings there. Other short-term missions were in Alaska and Haiti.

Brautigam’s non-medical interests include gardening, fishing, hunting, reading, and spending time with his grandchildren. He is active in his church where he serves on the Board of Elders.

Donald and his wife, Elaine, have hosted numerous medical students, premed students, and other Healthcare students in our home. Their now-grown children all have memories of students staying at our house.

From Donald “I became involved with CMDA as a first year med student in Syracuse, in 1970. In my second year, CMDA was distributing free bibles to medical students, and I participated in distributing them one one one.

“People may be surprised to learn that I began running longer distances again in 2013 after decades of not much running. Beginning in 2013 I have run (slowly) the Mighty Niagara 1/2 Marathon every year.”
“God has blessed us in ways that we do not deserve, and if there is any credit, it belongs solely to Him.”