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"My journey has been a very long one including, not a denial that there is a Lord, but more of a 'I don't need Him.' At the darkest time in my life, the Holy Spirit visited with an incredibly strong message of hope.

Since then, I have searched and found help with physicians who have encouraged me and provided assistance with pharmaceutical interventions. The road was still quite bumpy, but eventually with faith, hope, and a lot of love, I found a way forward.

There is a tremendous network of believers out there who can give you hope and a way to grace, if you're open to it. Pass it on." 


"The hardest part of my recovery process so far has been admitting that, yes, I do have a real problem on my hands and then actually seeking help. I sat in the doctor's office and cried, really cried, for the first time since I was a kid.

First, I had to admit to myself that I was addicted and things in my life are out of control. Then, I had to truthfully ask for help...

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"Before God led me to recovery, I was a full-blown addict. I was addicted to opioids- any and as many as I could get my hands on. Where and how I was going to get my next batch of pills was the very thing that crossed my mind in the morning when I woke up and the very last thought I had at night before I went to bed. It was all I really cared about. In the end, I was spent. Exhausted from living a life dedicated solely to getting and staying high. The guilt and shame got to me. I couldn't go on living like that anymore.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired, like I was? If so, you're not alone and you're in the right place to start your journey to living a good, happy, safe life; full of joy and love like God intends it to be.

My doctor provided me with all the resources and his gracious support, which saved my life from the devil's chains of addiction. He is a caring doctor and person who can lead you out of a desperate, depressing state of despair and into a life of pure and true euphoria, exhilarating enthusiasm, and everlasting energy.

Life is best lived with God. A life of faith in recovery is beautiful, amazing, and meaningful. I was terrified of the dope sickness that was building up inside of me, and I was horrified that I wouldn't be able to work to function, to live, or even to simply exist without opioids. The God... a light where peace, well-being, and security shine bright. In this light, my relationships with my family and friends vastly improved, my work ability soared and I was recognized with an award at my job, and my connection to God has never been stronger. People forgive and move forward, as long as you can show them that you've changed for the better and are never going back. Trust the process and have faith.

Please trust me when I say that you will be amazed at all the glorious blessings and all of the unimaginable things that God has to offer you in your life on the other side of addiction. I feel grateful and blessed every single day on this side of life! You will, too! I feel so good in every single way possiblephysically, mentally, and emotionallyin my work, my finances, and my relationships!"

God Bless,

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